Uptown 1.0 Swing Shelf

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Length Height Depth
17.52 11.81 7.48

An instant favorite, the Uptown 1.0 Swing Shelf is the perfect design accent to elevate and warm a space, with its rustic charm coupled with its creative and functional display space. In the kitchen, den, or in the bedroom, use it to arrange your favorite books, photography, candles, or floral arrangements to help liven up the space. Two thick ropes allow for easy hanging and sturdy hooks provide extra durability for a full floating shelf effect. Available in matte white.


  • Floating Display Shelf for any room setting.
  • Upon Assembly, Measures: 17.52 in. Length, 11.81 in. Height, 7.48 in Depth.
  • Recommended for Display Items, Flower Pots and Family Photos.
  • Includes 2 Handles, Rope and 1 Floating Shelf.
  • Rope is 8mm thick for product durability.
  • Swing Country and Barn Style Floating Shelf.
  • Weight Capacity: 6.7 Lbs.
  • Home Assembly Required. All Hardware Included.
Uptown 1.0 Swing Shelf