Valenca Bookcase Collection

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Length Height Depth
75.78 70.87 11.57


  • 4- Piece Bookcase Perfect for your Livingroom, Bedroom and Office.
  • Upon Assembly Tall Unit Measures: 70.87 in. Height, 18.7 in. Length, and 11.57 in. Depth. Mid- High Unit Measures: 53.15 in. Height, 22.24 in. Length, 11.57 in. Depth. Mid- Low Units Measures: 35.43 in. Height, 16.14 in Length, 11.57 in. Depth. Low Unit Measures: 26.57 in. Height, 18.7 in. Length, 11.57 in. Depth.
  • Includes a total of 28 different size shelves.
  • Bookcase Heights range from 26 inches to 70 inches.
  • Space for books, photos, trophies and/ or collector items
  • Keep your room tidy and organized with the sleek bookcase collection.
  • Sleek design to enhance your room environment
  • Home Assembly Required. All Hardware Included.
Valenca Bookcase Collection